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  • Hi Victoria! How do we build readership through LinkedIn Pulse? I post weekly articles on the platform and get a few viewers and responses. Is there something more I can do to increase those numbers?

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    Great question, Kris.

    The main image is super-important. it's the first thing that draws a reader's attention. Bright, colorful and, if it contains words, those words should be very readable. A stock image site like, or an image creation site like Canva are great tools.

    Next is the article title. Keep it under 70 characters and be sure to include your main keyword in the title. This isn't the place to get cutesy. Sometimes, asking a question instead of making a statement can work well, but studies show neither outperforms. More important is to use the key words and speak to your audience.

    Next is the introductory paragraph - hit those keywords again. Keep the intro brief and succinct, telling the reader what will be learned. Remember that your reader is probably initially seeing just a tiny portion of the article, and you're trying to get their click and their view (as well as their likes, comments and shares.)

    Of course, the remainder of the article should deliver the goods as well. Use sub-headlines, perhaps one or two additional related images and, oh yeah...key words!

    When you're ready to Publish, LinkedIn now asks if you'd like to attach a few hashtags. You sure do! Hashtags helps LinkedIn to understand how to categorize your content, and helps others find your article when searching for content on that topic. Your hashtags might be your key words, or something else related.

    These are the basics, but you should also know that last year LinkedIn changed how long-form posts are distributed. The system that once notified all your 1st connections that you had a new post has become more complex, and readership is definitely affected. First, the post attaches to your profile. Next, the post is shared with a subset of your connections and followers, determined by connection strength, your connection's notification settings, and notification state (i.e. number of unread notifications). (In other words, if you have a network of lazy LinkedIn users, you won't get much distribution.) Connection strength is decided by a number of factors. (For example, a current coworker is stronger than a high school friend.) LinkedIn also states that engagement in the form of likes, comments, and shares will ensure your content is distributed beyond your immediate network. So, like I said, not so easy these days.

    Be sure you share your own post using the share button your home page, to important individuals, and/or to appropriate groups. Share it to the homepage feed more than once, like once a day for 5 days. It's ok! If you use Twitter, use the Twitter share button too. (Or Facebook, if relevant.) Also, if you mouse over an important point or fact in your article, a little share button appears to the right of the sentence. Click on it and it creates a tweetable link. Really simple and it works to bring readers back to the article.

    I think this will help you to get started. Good luck!

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    Hi Victoria!Thanks for the excellent information. I'll apply your suggestions, and share as well.