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Corp Dev, M&A, investments, and beers.

My name is Villi Iltchev, Head of Strategy & Corp Dev @ Box and previously Head of M&A & Investments @ Salesforce.

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  • How important is it for a company to influence public perception?

    Dropbox bet big on consumer customers in the cloud space. Box bet on enterprise customers on the cloud space. A few years ago, Dropbox looked like a genius. Now, Box looks like the genius. This is the picture that, at least, the media has painted. I'm sure that this 'painting' also affects employee morale which undoubtedly affects the company in positive ways; you eventually become what people see you as. Was this type of PR a big strategy for Box?

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    There is a lot to be said about momentum. Momentum is oxygen in Silicon Valley. And much of startup marketing and PR is about creating this momentum, this perception that this company is disruptive and the next great success story. That makes a big difference in the marketplace, with employees, and with investors. But you still need to execute and have the right strategy. I won't speak about DB, but I think people are recognizing now that Box's product and focus on the enterprise has provided significant differentiation in the marketplace and Box is well positioned to continue to be very successful.