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  • Can you teach me how to eliminate ego?

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    I will explain the technique, but i suggest that you download and read the book called ''Hercolubus or Red planet'' By master Rabolu. There you will find precious information about this subject.

    FIRST FACTOR or Ego Elimination.

    First of all, this factor is related to EGO, which is a mecanic personality that imprisons essence ( Divine particles inside the human being). EGO is made of matter, energy and consciousness, therefor, he can think, talk, feel ( rage, agony, sorrow, happiness, lust, envy, etc) and is the main reason of the suffering of humanity, because EGO always has demonic proprieties and interferes with our thought and feelings, impelling us to do his bidding.We must understand that the ego is like a Tree, where the smaller ones are the leaves, and those are the ones that imprison 50% of our essence. The other 50% is to be freed on an advanced work, so we can talk later on this.The masters wisely say that 3% of our essence is free of EGO, it’s the kind of essence that cannot be imprisoned, and the other 97% of the essence is imprisoned in EGO.Each particle of essence is related to a divine benefit. Once a person frees a group of essence that is related to the power of clairovoyance for example, the person becomes able to see spiritual beings like angels, masters, budhas, fairyes, mermaids and is also able to see the energy coursing through the body of a person, etcThere are groups of essence that give divine virtues, others that give powers like telepathy, astral projection, clairovoyance, capacity to view future, etc. To inherit all of our divine particles known as essence, one must eliminate the ego that imprisons it, and there are techniques for that, but first, one must know of GOD inside of us.When God created humanity, he put inside of each human being many particles of his great power. One of those particles is called Divine Mother, who is the person’s spiritual mother, the one that was his or her mother since the moment that God created him or her. She, the Divine Mother, is the real mother that someone has… she has always been with us, always been taking care of us, and always will be. One of her jobs along side us is to eliminate EGO and consequentially, freeing divine essence, and making her child a Divine Being.Let us remember, first, that 97% of our thoughts and emotions are corrupted by EGO, therefor we must see every thought and every emotion as a means to eliminate ego. So when a thought comes up, ask your Divine Mother to eliminate the ego responsible for it. When an emotion comes up, ask the mother To eliminate the ego that brought up this emotion, and when sexual desire come up, say ‘’ Divine mother, eliminate the ego responsible for this sexual desire’’What the mother does, after the petition, is to eliminate the particle of ego that attacked us in the form of thoughts, emotions or sexual desires, and free the essence that it was once imprisoned in it. It’s a work that takes a long time, but each and every particle of essence liberated joins the human body to make it a more spiritual, Divinely virtuous and powerful body, which emanates peace and prosperity.

    Technique for eliminating EGO

    There is an easy technique on eliminating EGO. After witnessing a particle of ego acting is one of the centers ( intellectual, emotional or sexual) one must say ‘’My Divine mother, eliminate this particle of ego that I have found’’The mother, then, will eliminate the particle of ego, free the essence and her son will be one step closer to becoming a divine being.Wherever you go, whether you are working or whatever you are doing, you need to pay attention to the mind, the heart and the sexual center. These are the three centers where every defect manifests itself. When an element is manifesting, through any one of these three centers, the petition to the Divine Mother must follow immediately, so that she can disintegrate it.

    A person must pay attention to what happens in their intellectual center ( pay attention to thoughts, ideas, etc), the emotional center ( which receives emotions of all kinds) and the sexual center( which receives sexual desires of all kinds) so that when a particle of EGO acts on one of those centers with invasive thoughts ( intellectual center), invasive emotions ( emotional center) and sexual desires of all kinds (sexual center), one must concentrate mentally on that moment and say ‘’My Divine mother, eliminate this particle of ego that I have found’’. And she will do so.Example 1: You are trying to relax after a long day of work, then a bad thought invades your mind, simply say ‘’My Divine mother, eliminate this particle of ego that came up with this bad thought’’ Keep doing this until the bad thought goes away.Example 2: After waking up, one feels intense sexual desire. One must say ‘’ My Divine Mother, eliminate the ego responsible for this sexual desire’’ Keep doing this until the sexual desire weakens.Example 3: After talking to a friend, one feels rage for what he has said about you. First of all, one must control the rage and say mentally ‘’My divine mother, eliminate the ego that brought me this rage’’. Keep doing this until the rage weakens.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: One must maintain chastity so that The ego that has died does not come back to life, for a simple orgasm can bring back the ego that was once killed by the divine mother. Chastity is the act of never having orgasms, having or not sex. Without chastity one is nothing in the true spiritual work.