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My name is Will Vokins, I'm a PHP Specialist & Aspiring Philosopher

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  • Do you think being self-taught made your journey more difficult?

    Do your feel you were competing with people who had a formal education related to technology and had been taught by experts? What did you do to distinguish yourself? Do you think things would have been easier or harder if you had been taught by others?

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    Hi, Kurt.

    I think if you're taught by experts it's sort of difficult to break out of a path you've been set on.. if that makes sense. In that way, I am grateful - however you are correct in saying that I have had negative experiences in terms of employment. I find that it's always the formal qualifications of others that seem to give them the edge in the eyes of a recruitment consultant.

    However, if interviewed by the right person, experience and first-hand knowledge will be held priority over formal qualifications.

    Thanks for your question!