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I drove from Germany to Mongolia this summer for a charity rally.

My name is Wilson K. Reese, I drove, with a team, 10,000 kilometers across Central Asia, dealing with border crossings, language barriers and more.

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  • How do you avoid getting sick when you travel?

    I'm prone to getting sick so when I'm traveling, that's my main worry :(

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    A. Be lucky

    Only drink non-tap water- we would buy lots of plastic gallon jugs at a time.

    Only eat cooked vegetables and wash any fruits with non-tap- but this was Central Asia, so veggies and fruits aren't that common anyway, especially Mongolia. (except watermelons- they're everywhere)

    Have your doctor proscribe anti-diarrheal pills and maybe some antibiotics as well.

    I'm not prone to getting sick. On the Appalachian Trail, I only filtered water that was cloudy or still water, otherwise I just filled up my water bottles. This is NOT recommended, but it works for me.

    I can't remember getting sick on the rally, maybe an upset stomach once or twice, but nothing really serious. We ate at some extremely sketchy spots and none of us suffered- maybe we were just lucky?