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My name is Zach Millman, Software Engineer at Lever, (previously Magoosh)

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  • You left Magoosh to work at Lever. How do your job responsibilities there compare to those at Magoosh?

    What advice do you have for someone who's been a developer at one company for a long time and is ready for a change?

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    Those are two very different questions...but here are my quick answers:

    1. I went from the de facto head of a small department (2 engineers) to a single contributor on a medium-sized team (15 engineers). Biggest difference is that I need to be very intentional about building consensus and communicating for projects to get done well and for my concerns to be addressed. I'm also no longer the most senior person on the team.2. Depends on why you want a change. Figure out what you're trying to get out of your next job (yes...the "where do you want to be in ten years" question) and the decision will almost certainly work itself out from there.